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About Us

Adept Academy has an unwavering belief that development of pertinent knowledge and skills are fundamental and imperative to sustainable employment in dynamic and evolving business and employment environment. Our vision is to deliver practical and functional know-how via structured training curriculum to impart effective expertise, in order to position learners for employment progression.

Our Vision

To be a leading accredited learning academy, which is synonymous to continual knowledge and skill development, locally and regionally.

Our Mission

To be a one-stop training provider to both individuals and organisations by offering a holistic suite of training programmes to bridge the diverse training needs. Through interesting and appropriate learning methodologies, we aim to develop and empower learners with pertinent knowledge and skills to entrench a life-long learning philosophy.

Our Brand Journey

Striving to be the best in our league, we believe that our brand and logo is important ambassador of our identity, vision and beliefs. With this firm conviction, Adept Academy embarked on a brand journey to create a brand that convey our vision and how people could relate to the brand.

Our first objective was to ensure that the brand’s design is simple but yet, modern. With the intention of retaining the academy’s name in the brand design, we adopted the initials of our name “AA” to achieve this primary purpose.  Replacing “AA” with the shape of two arrowheads, the brand idea was conceived.

With our conviction that our training programmes will significantly aid our learners attain pertinent knowledge and skills required to excel and even advance higher in their career, the two arrows are slightly slanted and pointed upwards to manifest the gradual and steady progression in the learners’ capabilities and competencies.

With the final logo resembling a single arrow, the logo signifies a remarkable force to significantly advance forward locally and regionally. Adept Academy’s logo thus emerged.